Between Ups and Downs

Aus BrandenburgPunk
Between Ups and Downs
Musikalbum von King, Kong and the white Woman
Veröffentlichung 2010
Label Eigenproduktion
Format CD
Genre Punkrock
Anzahl der Titel 16


Eddi - Bass & Gesang
André - Gitarre & Gesang
Burki - Schlagzeug & Gesang

Between Ups and Downs ist ein Album der Punkrock Band King, Kong and the white Woman aus Potsdam-Babelsberg.




  1. Can't break me down
  2. Aliens
  3. No lovesong for you
  4. Run run run
  5. I hate to love you
  6. When I ws young
  7. What are you waiting for
  8. Drive away
  9. What kind are you
  10. Win and loose
  11. Why you say yes
  12. Snake
  13. Girl of my dreams
  14. I don't want to have
  15. I'll stay beside you
  16. Time runs so fast